Penis Pal Enlarger Device


3 inch gainsPenis Pal Extender Device ($99)

Are you seeking realistic gains of 3 inches in size, from a high quality penis enlarger that requires as little as 3 hours comfortable use each day?

If you are, then you have arrived at the holy grail of cheap, affordable, and effective penis enlargement.  The Penis Pal is quality on a budget.  It’s a no thrills yet expertly designed penis extender that does exactly what you want it to – enlarge your penis comfortably and effectively.

The penis pal will work on all sizes of penises, from small to large.  Using the scientifically tested method of gradual tension, the penis pal is easy to use, comfortable to wear, and will result in penis enlarge rates of up to 1 inch per month.

X4 Labs Penis Enlarge System


xlabs caX4 Labs Penis Extender ($399)

The famous penis enlarge extender from X4 Labs has been one of the top penis extenders on the market for the last 10 years.  This is one of the few penis enlargement methods to have been clinically proven, doctor approved, and CE certified.

Whilst employing the clinically proven traction system that other penis extenders use, the X4 Labs differentiates itself from the pack by also using patented methods to reach the highest standards of effectiveness – such as the custom loop fastener.  This and other techniques unique to this product mean that the X4 Labs penis extender provides a penis enlarge success rate of 85%.

Dominator Penis Sleeve

dominator penis sleeveDominator Penis Sleeve ($7)

This stretchy nubbed penis sleeve with vibrating bullet has been designed to enhance the sexual pleasure of couples during lovemaking.

The ribbed inner sleeve will increase the man’s sensations as he fucks his partner, whilst the woman will delight in his massive new manhood.  Both partners will also recieve buzz tickling joy from the vibrating cock ring attached to the sleeve!

Potent Penis Pump Enlarger

potent penis pumpPotent Penis Pump ($8)

Penis Pumps are quick and largely temporary means of enlarging your penis – ideal for a quick boost before love making or even solo masturbation.

This Potent Penis Pump is about as simple as such devices get.  A basic pump pushes air into the vacuum cylinder containing your penis, resulting in a flow of blood pressure to your manhood and consequent immediate increase in size and hardness of erection.  At only $8 this is worth buying if you have never tried a penis pump and want to find out if they are for you before purchasing a more expensive model.

Marital Aid Penis Extension Sleeve

penis extensionMarital Aid Penis Extension Sleeve ($31)

Power up your love life with this penis extension sleeve.  Made from realistic Turbo skin, this 6 inch sleeve is equiped with a vibrator to allow you to give your sweetheart the sexual time of her life.  Do things to her with your ‘new’ penis that she has never been experienced before, all in the cheapest and simplest way.

Dr J Adujstable Penis Sleeve

dr j adjustableDr J Adjustable Penis Sleeve ($10)

Penis Sleeves present a quick, if fake, way to increase the size of your penis.  If it suits your lover, penis sleeves are a great way to get more out of love making.  The Dr J Penis Sleeve is one of the best cheap penis sleeves (only $10!). Not only is the sleeve adjustable to suit any length of dick, it is texture and nubbed to send your lover into heights of ecstasy.

The Ultimate Stretcher Penis Enlarger

The Ultimate Stretcher is one of the most popular such penis extenders on the market, and for good reason. It’s claimed to be the cheapest penis enlarger in the world to have a medical certificate for both safety and efficacy.

Permenda LTD

The Ultimate Stretcher costs just $149 if you buy direct from their site (click the banner above). $149 isn’t a lot for a device whose makers claim can add inches to your penis, and that has been medically proven to do so.

For an additional price you can also order an exercise guide to be used with the penis extender. Perfoming the exercises with the Ultimate Stretcher will give you the added benefits of stronger and more durable erections, to go along with your increase in size.

Delivery of the Ultimate Stretcher is very quick once you have ordered, as the company behind it have distribution depots in various parts of the world. Definately a good value penis enlarger that you should check out.

Virilis Penis Enlargement Capsules

VirilisVirilis Penis Capsules ($7.44)

Virilis Pro Male Enhancement Pills are claimed to be the best on the market, with penis enlarging results from a single dose capsule claimed to last for up to 72 hours!

The makers of Virilis claim that the product will work within 30 seconds of ingestion and will result in more powerful erections, as well as an increase in stamina and endurance.

Makers state that all ingredients are natural.

Boston Professional Penis Pump

Boston PumpBoston Professional Penis Pump ($152)

A truly deluxe penis pump system that claims to enlarge your penis permantly after long term regular usage.

Most penis pumps are rather simple devices that employ vacuum pressure to stimulate the blood flow to the penis, giving it a (at least temporary) boost in size.

The Boston Pump works on much the same principle, but with more power and with a little more science.  Many are sceptical that penis pumps can do anything more than give you an instant rock hard erection, but if any penis pump can give you long term gains in size, then this pump is probably the one that will do it for you.